Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sloucher Turns Model

I never would have imagined myself getting into a situation that would require me to utilize my appearance in a project. Either hiding behind a camera or disappearing behind a pen, I wouldn't say I expect to get much work from my face. So it was surprising for me when I was approached by the lovely Audrey Kay to model her Fall 2012 line for her boutique.

We had been discussing doing videography of her winter event as well as several promotional videos so when she had the idea of me modeling for her website, I was slightly apprehensive. But hey, my inner attention seeker and beggar of praise was intrigued.

Come the day of the shoot with my friends in tow, I was blown away by the immense fun and creativity that was involved. Never once did my insecurities get the best of me (extra thanks to Audrey for cheering me on behind camera) and was surprised with how flattering my pal (and normally my cinematographer) Boa Simon shot me. Of course, my hair normally resembles the 1970's shag and would probably better suit a member of The Runaways, but Micah Embry saved the day without effort. It is times like these that remind me how lucky I am to have such talented and amazing people surrounding me. And hey, now when I become old and wrinkled I'll have proof that I was once young.

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